Produce section inside commissary

Unlock the Savings and Nutrition Inside Your Commissary

It's dinnertime again, and you have plenty of choices. Visit the Defense Commissary Agency's website for tools to whip up something that's equal parts tasty, healthy and convenient.

Healthy shopping doesn't have to be expensive, and healthy recipes don't have to be complicated. Make a quick stop at the agency's website before your next commissary grocery run. On the site, you can:

  • Build your basket with us using the Nutrition Guide Program to help improve the overall nutritional quality of your diet.
  • Learn more about building a healthy eating pattern to meet your health and wellness needs and read short articles with the latest nutrition findings authored by our credible Department of Defense health and wellness partners under the Healthy Habits tab in the Healthy Living section.
  • Plan last-minute meals or build a weekly menu with Thinking Outside the Box, quick and easy meal solutions approved by more than 40 dietitians. The nutrition information provided with each meal is easy to understand and the goals are actionable.
  • Visit our recipe collection to find holiday, family and kid friendly favorites.
  • Make your shopping list with the My Shopping List tool.
  • Take a virtual walk through your commissary's Savings Aisle to see what's on sale for the week. Recipes and tips for picking and storing produce are provided in the Sales Flyer.
  • Mark your calendar for upcoming sales and events.