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MilParent Power: Parenting Support from Military OneSource

Parenting has a lot in common with being in the military. It requires smarts, skills, attention to detail, and support — it’s an “always-on” job, and it takes time to master. That’s where MilParent Power comes in: you can build your family’s readiness and resilience and up your parenting game with easy tips, reminders and resources. Military OneSource understands being an even better parent helps you, your family and your military career.

Specialized support

Confidential parenting support, including non-medical counseling and specialty consultations, are available through Military OneSource at no cost. In-person, online and telephone counseling are all available. You can also connect with Military and Family Life Counselors to talk through parenting challenges and military life stresses.

Get connected with a counselor or consultant through Military OneSource. Call now at 800-342-9647. Remember, these are free resources.

Parenting resources

Parent support is a priority for your command and for the Department of Defense. There are a number of military-sponsored, recommended or partnership resources available to assist parents of children of all ages. Be sure to explore:

Helpful articles

There are a number of helpful articles in the Military OneSource Family and Relationships section that can help set you up for parenting success. Find articles on Keeping Your Children Safe so They Can Thrive, The Military Parenting Community: Building Resilience One Family at a Time, Tips for Disciplining Your Children, How to Communicate with Children From Birth to 5 Years, How to Create and Maintain Routines, and more.